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Life Extension Europe

Life Extension Europe
Human lifespan has increased over the last decades, and the essence to a longer, healthier life is among many things, a healthy body and mind that has the components it needs to function optimally.
At Life Extension Europe, we believe you can make a difference in your health and habits, and we act every day with this in mind, wishing only to empower as many people as possible in Europe to take choices for a healthy, longer and happier life. That’s our philosophy, and the principle that our business is built on.



Started working with Life Extension Europe in March 2017. We had a lot of difficulties to overcome code-wise, a lot of bad implementations to begin with.

During the first year we have managed to implement a new design, implement a lot of new features, correct all PHP errors and simplify the CSS. It has always been interesting to work with them because they created a phase that everyone needed to follow.

Following the first year, because of the major requirements, a lot of people started joining in from Mage Check, we started to have more time to tackle both B2B and B2C websites, started doing specific designs per store and based on promotional periods.

We also participated on annually gatherings that were a good way to make people connect together, also have a lot of fun!

B2B & B2C


Because both use Magento 1, the complexity of this project has scaled, there are separate marketing rules between them. Both shops enjoy multiple language setup and this makes it rather fun to work with, also taken into consideration that they share different policies based on each country's legislation.

Multiple Brands are advertised on the website with different price structure, this can prove to be difficult for eCommerce websites.

The responsive layout is handled using the Bootstrap CSS library.


  • Search feature Searchanise
  • ERP Navision
  • SiteImprove for content strategy
  • Exponea for targeted emailing
  • Raptor for related/up-sells/cross-sells
  • PriceShape for tracking Google Prices
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Social Media


  • 170.000 Clients
  • 115.000 Orders per year
  • 25% Increased Sales Annually


  • Desktop & Mobile theme and style
  • More then 90 Magento extensions developed by us
  • SEO code optimization
  • Live assisting Customer Care with issues from Customers
  • Helping Marketing explore more options that drive sales
  • Collaborate with other Development Agencies and Hosting supplier in order to make sure the tasks and issues are being handled
  • Working through multiple communication environments
  • Assist during high season sales