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La Rosa Princesa

La Rosa Princesa
Jewelry from La Rosa Princesa makes you shine and contribute to happiness and happiness.
Continuously following new trends and fashion creates a jewelry line for every day. Wearing comfort and high-quality materials, such as 925 silver, crystals and gemstones give you that Special Feeling, Happiness and the La Rosa Princesa Magical Touch.



Started from scratch on Magento 2.0, around 2016, since then we had a very good collaboration, implemented a few interesting features, installed and removed a few purchased solutions.

Have continued since with many code updates and patches, all until we have discovered Hyvä.

What is Hyvä

It is a Magento 2 theme, developed as an alternative to PWA, best one available in our perspective.<br>You might ask yourself what if the purpose of mentioning a theme, there are many themes around for Magento 2.

Reasons from Hyvä

  • reduced complexity
  • improved performance
  • really fast loading speed
  • improved developer experience
  • improved development velocity
  • reduced dependencies
  • reduced learning curve

Our Reasons

  • we love to contribute
  • most of theme builders lack real support
  • working with TailWindCSS is the best front-end experience
  • say goodbye to KO JavaScript library
  • has large support from other companies and developers
  • same as them, we do not believe PWA is the best option
  • working with AlpineJS proves to be rather easy, and the documentation is complete as we see it

What does Hyvä do different?

  • resets all theme files and re-creates the entire front-end
  • has a new fast checkout
  • offers module compatibility integrations due to theme complete changes
  • gives you the best load-time results
  • puts more emphasis over View-Models, something Magento takes pride but rarely uses
  • maintains layout structure
  • makes template changes visible much easier
  • uses GraphQL extensively
  • we estimate that takes at most 50% of regular time to do the same front-end work

Why choose Hyvä?

  • In 120h we managed to transition this project from Magento 2.3.5 to Magento 2.4.2 with Hyvä, we re-created the entire shop and imported the data requested by client.
  • Google Pagespeed might also be a good reason:
  • Mobile Score: 77%
  • Desktop Score: 98%



The responsive layout is handled using the TailWindCSS library.


  • Hyvä
  • ProductFlow
  • StoryBlok for content management, similar to PageBuilder
  • MailChimp
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Social Media

Social MediaWorklog

  • Desktop & Mobile theme and style
  • More then 10 Magento extensions developed by us
  • Migration to Magento 2.4.2
  • SEO code optimization