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Bodymod is one of the fastest-growing jewelry brands in Europe and quickly expanding worldwide. We started our journey in Denmark back in 2005. We hosted conventions, and an online forum, to create a transparent community for both professionals and people who are passionate about self-expression by decorating their bodies.
Our passion for piercing jewelry and the rising interest from the community drove us to focus on the online retail of high-quality piercing jewelry. Five years later, Bodymod, the online piercing shop, was born.



We started working together in 2018, as part of an European Union subsidized project for digital innovation, back then the project was on Magento 1.

Since then we have managed to migrate this awesome project to Magento 2 and implemented a lot of custom functionalities that were not available for migration.



Since this has been initially a Magento 1 project, a lot of modules no longer had suitable extensions for transition to Magento 2, this pushed us to develop a lot of features for the new version.

Also necessary to take into consideration the big number of stores, almost one for each European country.

The responsive layout is handled using the Bootstrap CSS library.


  • Shipmondo
  • Dotdigitial for targeted emailing
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Social Media


  • Desktop & Mobile theme and style
  • 54 Magento extensions developed by us
  • Migration to Magento 2
  • Helping explore more options that drive sales
  • SEO code optimization
  • Working through multiple communication environments
  • Assist during high season sales